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Time tracking on a PC or mobile device.

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The additional module "Work time tracking" is included in the trial version.

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Time tracking for businesses

Project and staff time recording in one software

Recording project and staff time in one software is essential for effective management. By combining timekeeping and project time tracking, you can make better decisions and reduce costs.

With the additional module "Work time tracking", you can manage staff absences like sick days and vacations, track check-in/check-out times, and overtime. This module can also be linked to Xpert-Timer Pro. When you start a project in the morning, your work time recording begins automatically. Similarly, when you leave the office, the system stops the timer and ends your project automatically. You can easily control everything using the Xpert-Timer timebar that appears on your desktop.

For more details on the module, see Work time tracking

This is a blog post on the topic "Working time recording - whether necessary is not in question, but how?"

Work time tracking video on YouTube (German)

Xpert-Timer Pro

Our best selling product. The difference between the Pro and the Basic version is that the Pro version is made for project teams and networkable. Single users of course can use it as well. You can use it with a terminal server or install it on a network drive. In addition, the Pro version includes a customer management and many other optional additional modules. Installation effort approx. 30 min.

Projects with priority

Xpert-Timer Basic

This is the slim version of the Xpert-Timer and for single users only. Without the client management and without additional modules. With this software you can easily track your time with the timebar. Quick to install and the database is included. Installation effort is only 10 minutes. Company founders and sole proprietorships in particular benefit from this project time recording.


Project hirarchy

Xpert-Timer Web / XTCloudserver

The on-premise cloud variant for recording project times via a mobile device or browser. This is an extension to Xpert-Timer Pro. "XTCloudserver" as the interface is required, which has to run on a Windows server or other Windows system.

With XTWeb you can track your time from anywhere with internet connection, but your data is stored locally on your servers. You host your webservice yourself.

Running time stamp on the dashboard

Xpert-Timer Mobile

The standalone Android app "Xpert-Timer Mobile" is available for your Android device. The mobile version can be synchronized with the Xpert-Timer Pro version. You need the "XTSyncServer" interface for this.

Xpert-Timer Mobile dashboard

How does "Xpert-Timer" project time tracking work?

Screenshot of the main dialog of the time tracking software with an arrow pointing to the start button.

Users track their time

To start a project in Xpert-Timer's project time tracking, you have two options: You can either select the project from the project list or use the timebar that appears on your desktop. The project hierarchy includes customer, project, sub-project, and task. Just choose the project you want and click the Start button to begin tracking time.

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Screenshot of the charts in the project details dialog

Evaluation at the end of the month

Xpert-Timer has a reporting module with various functions and options to help you analyze and organize your results. You can easily group and filter your data to evaluate your projects and view time stamps for each employee. This allows you to identify profitable projects and also find any unprofitable ones.

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Example of an invoice created in the project time tracking software

Billing to clients

Invoicing (Billing) is an additional module of the software. Regardless of whether it is an X-invoice, a QR-Invoice, standard invoice or a reminder. Create invoices easily.

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Why Xpert-Timer?

  • Work-Life Balance: By keeping track of the hours worked, you can ensure that employees are not overworked and happy.
  • Improved Productivity: By tracking the time spent on various tasks, team members become more aware of how they use their time and can work towards improving their efficiency.
  • Accurate Billing: For businesses that bill clients by the hour, a project time tracking system ensures that all billable hours are accurately recorded and invoiced.
  • Cost Management: Understanding how much time is spent on different aspects of a project helps in managing costs effectively.
  • Deadline Management: By monitoring the time spent on various tasks, project managers can better estimate how long it will take to complete the project and can set realistic deadlines.
  • Employee Accountability: Time tracking systems hold employees accountable for their time and effort, which can lead to improved work ethics and responsibility.
  • Client Transparency: When clients have access to time tracking data, it builds trust as they can see exactly where the time is being spent.
  • Reduced Time Leakage: Time tracking systems help in identifying and reducing time leakage due to unproductive activities or inefficiencies.
  • Improved Estimations for Future Projects: Historical time tracking data can be invaluable when estimating the time requirements for future projects.
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Since 2006, over 2000 customers in D/A/CH and around the world have relied on the "Xpert-Timer" project time recording.

The program runs in a private cloud or as a Windows App

Based in Germany, we take security seriously and therefore offer a traditional client-server solution for installation in your company. This means, the data remains securely stored in your own database. Access via a browser is possible in a private cloud. This way all data is still stored in your company and access to the project time recording is via a web server, as well installed on your Windows server. You can then use the web browser to access the data of your Xpert-Timer from anywhere with an internet connection.

Companies that work on a project basis, such as engineering offices, service providers or consultants rely on Xpert-Timer as their little helper in the background. As one customer likes to say, "If you're running out of money, this is the tool for you."

But also many freelancers up to large companies, often for their development department or internal controlling, have been successfully using Xpert-Timer for years. You can find field reports in our News or in our Customer Testimonials.

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Xpert-Timer is now also available as a rental license

Do you have a time-limited project and need project-related time tracking? Then the rental version of the Xpert-Timer is your software. As with all versions of the project time recording, the database stays on premises. With the private cloud solution, recording is possible via a browser, platform-independent and anywhere with an Internet connection.

Contact us if you have any questions about the software. We love good service.

Price of the rental license

Use cases of the time tracking software

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Service provider

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Performance recording

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Stressed out employee with smartphone and coffee in comic stile

Capacity management

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Comic style man in a winners pose and superhero costume

Process optimization

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Self control