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The document management

Managing Project Documents

In Xpert-Timer, you can store documents related to projects and customers. You have options to save the documents using the project structure as a file path or you can save them in a chosen directory. Security levels control the document visibility and access. You can check-in and check-out documents for editing.

Document management helps organize and access project information efficiently, acting as a small document management system (DMS).

You can save documents in the following ways:

  1. Save as link: You set a link to a specific document. Make sure that you do not create shortcuts to files on the local hard disk when working in a team. Otherwise, your colleagues will not have access to the document.
  2. Save to data safe: You save the document to the database. Since the documents are written directly to the database, make sure that you do not store unnecessarily large files (e.g. images) in the safe. This unnecessarily inflates the database and slows it down. Avoid using the data safe when using an ACCESS database, as the probability of data loss increases with the size of the database.
  3. Save to data safe (non-editable): You save the document locked in the database.
  4. Save as template: Any document can be packed into the data safe as a template for further documents in the future (currently not supported).

For more details on document management, see the Manual.

Listing of all documents in the document management of Xpert-Timer