A woman in comic style standing in front of a chalkboard pointing to the word Outlook Module.

The Outlook module

For sharing tasks and archiving emails

Import / Export Tasks from Microsoft Outlook

The Outlook module offers the possibility to automatically read tasks from Microsoft Outlook into the task list of the Xpert-Timer. It also works the other way around. You can export the tasks from Xpert-Timer Pro to your Outlook.

Import emails as tasks from Outlook

If you receive task descriptions by e-mail, you can also import the e-mails from your Microsoft Outlook into your Xpert-Timer system. The e-mails are converted into tasks. The subject of the e-mail is then the subject of the task.

Save emails by drag & drop

In addition, you can also drag&drop e-mails to the Xpert-Timer task list. This creates a new task with the subject of the e-mail. This also works with Thunderbird.

Save e-mails in the vault

You can drag&drop e-mails into your document management of Xpert-Timer. This makes it very easy to save and archive project-related communication.

Further details on the Outlook module can be found in the manual chapter: Outlook module