Reimbursables ledger for time-independent costs

Record time-independent, project-related costs

The Reimbursables Ledger feature in Xpert-Timer allows you to record project-related costs that are not directly tied to time. These costs can for example include accommodation expenses, flat rates, material costs, or any additional costs incurred during the project.

Tracking Services for Project Control

To ensure accurate project control, it's essential to consider both the time spent and the incidental costs associated with the project. By recording these costs, they are accounted for in the profit and loss statement. This provides a clear overview of the project's income and expenses.

Managing Billed Services

You have the option to mark services as "already billed," allowing you to keep track of services that have already been invoiced. Whether you create invoices using the "Billing your projects" module or an external accounting system, this feature helps maintain accurate records.

Please note that the Reimbursables Ledger is an additional module that you need to order separately during the Xpert-Timer Pro purchasing process.

For more detailed information on the reimbursables Ledger, refer to the manual: Reimbursables.

The reimbursables in Xpert-Timer:

A list of all reimbursables saved in a project

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