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Due to the flexibility of Xpert-Timer the software is used in many industries and areas. From local authorities to garages and service providers to universities. Our customers appreciate the easy to understand user interface and the quick way to record time.

Fields of application

Service provider

No querys regarding the invoice

Do you calculate your working hours on an hourly basis? For exact documentation of the different activities on behalf of a customer, Xpert-Timer is perfect. All working steps within a project or task are documented and can be billed via the invoice module in Xpert Timer. The customer will be pleased about the exact listing of the actually worked time and annoying queries remain spared.

[Translate to English:] Interne Leistungserfassung

Internal cost calculation

Who, what, when, how long?

Predefined projects and activities can be recorded to the minute in the Xpert timer. These recorded project times serve as a basis for the calculation of internally incurred costs.
For example: The IT department of a company is used by all departments. Sometimes it is the installation of a new printer, sometimes a problem in the Window system. The time that the IT department spends in the various departments is recorded on projects or activities in Xpert Timer. At the end of the month, it is possible to accurately assess which department has used the service of the IT department for how long, for what and how often.

[Translate to English:] Kapazitätsmanagement

Capacity management

Happy employees

Capacity and performance management creates a process-related performance measurement across the defined organizational areas. Happy employees are good employees. The basic requirement for this is a good and fair distribution of work. To optimize working areas, therefore, processing times and throughput times are measured.
With Xpert-Timer, each process can be measured with little effort in daily operation, thus determining a realistic processing time and throughput time of the processes. An optimization of the work areas is possible based on the corresponding evaluations.

[Translate to English:] Prozessoptimierung

Process optimization

In case you need to speed up work

Xpert-Timer offers the possibility to record all work steps in time. With the help of your employees, you can identify time-wasters and optimize processes. The waste of time, labor and manpower is thus counteracted.

Reorganize with Xpert-Timer.  

[Translate to English:] Selbstkontrolle

Self control

Freelancers use the software for self-monitoring. By recording the time, the concentration remains on one activity and interruptions, or digressions to other activities are reduced. This will help structure the daily routine, avoid unnecessary disruption, and ultimately increase productivity.
For many Xpert-Timer users, it's just interesting how much time was actually used productively throughout the day.

[Translate to English:] Controlling


Are we profitable?

Often flat rates are used in projects. But what's the profit in the end if all ten employees work on the project at the same time? Often it is not comprehensible how many hours the employee has actually spent on the project in addition to his other activities during the working day. Finally, there is always a phone call or a meeting in between.

With Xpert-Timer you receive an accurate calculation of the costs incurred based on price lists. So at the end of the project, you immediately see if the project has really paid off for your company, or not.

Download the 30 day trial version

Download Xpert-Timer now and try it without registration for 30 days. If you have questions in regards to the installation, please don't hesitate to contact us.