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Calculation example

Xpert-Timer is used in over 100 engineering companies for time recording on activities and projects, project controlling and time management.

The advantages:

• Time recording in the team
• Improved project controlling through seamless project time recording
• Optimized time management
• Documents can be assigned to the projects
• Tasks can be easily distributed and tracked in the team
• Time tracking even on the go via browser in a privat clout, Android smartphone or Windows laptop
• Automatic time recording via start / stop button with reminder function
• Comments can be stored for individual work steps
• The activity history contains information for all employees of the project
• Note functions facilitate project documentation
• Up-to-date information on incurred project times
• Immediate overview when a project gets out of hand based on escalation status

Example calculation

Why project time recording makes sense in the engineering office:
When manually recording hours, minutes are rarely taken into account. With 20 employees, this can already cost around 6000 Euros a year. 

Let's calculate this:
Four out of 20 employees experience a daily inaccuracy of five minutes in manual acquisition. That means at 220 working days a year:
220 x 5 = 1100 minutes per employee, ie 4400 minutes (73.33 hours) in total.

At a billable hourly rate of 85 Euro / h, these are:
73.33 hours x 85 Euros / h =6233.05 Euros which are not charged.

Capture only two minutes more effectively with Xpert-Timer, based on 20 employees:
20 employees x 2 minutes x 220 working days = 8800 minutes (146.66 hours)

This corresponds to an additional income of: 146.66 hours x 85 euros = 12,466.10 Euros per year

Why Xpert Timer?
Xpert-Timer pays for itself after only a few days of use due to the low acquisition costs.
You will receive the time recording system for 20 employees for a one time payment of 4440 Euro plus VAT.