Can hourly rates be stored? Are changes in the hourly rates taken into account on a timely basis (the "old" hourly rate should continue to apply before the point in time)?

Xpert-Timer offers the possibility to set and fix hourly rates. You can store hourly rates either for each employee, a price group or a project. For example, you can store the following:

  • Employee with hourly rate x works on project Y.
  • Project Z has its own hourly rate, no matter which employee works on it.
  • Employees A and B belong to the "Engineers" price group and are billed at an hourly rate x in project A.
  • Project B has a flat rate.

So if the hourly rate changes during the project period, the old prices are retained. In order to fix the timestamps and the associated prices, the corresponding prices must be fixed in a booking archive.

Details on the booking archive can also be found here: Booking archive

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