AGB - General Terms and Conditions

§1 Validity

The following terms and conditions apply to all contracts, deliveries and other services, unless expressly agreed by Andreas Spang - Xpert-Timer Software, 86391 Stadtbergen, Kapellenstr. 14 to be modified. Conflicting conditions are only valid if they are confirmed in writing by Andreas Spang - Xpert-Timer Software.

§2 Offer

Offers are always non-binding. Information based on error by Andreas Spang - Xpert-TimerSoftware is not obligatory. Verbal agreements are only valid if they are confirmed in writing by Andreas Spang - Xpert-TimerSoftware. The prices quoted are EUR prices, unless otherwise noted.

§3 Activation (registration)

The activation or registration will be delivered as quickly as possible either by ShareIt or directly by Andreas Spang - Xpert-Timer Software. Activation or registration is not associated with the delivery of a data medium or program data (unless this is expressly noted for the respective product). The buyer only contains the information required to activate the respective shareware. As a rule, notification is given by e-mail, in exceptional cases by fax or in writing.

§4 Use/Warranty

With the registration request, the buyer accepts the terms of use. Unless otherwise agreed, the use applies exclusively to the buyer. If the buyer is not a natural person, the registration applies to one installed version. Andreas Spang - Xpert-Timer Software does not guarantee software, nor is there a guarantee of satisfaction or the like, since it is in the nature of shareware to test its functionality before registering. Andreas Spang - Xpert-Timer Software is in no way liable for fully or partially non-functional software, nor for damage or consequential damage (e.g. loss of data) that could arise from non-functional software. Complaints are to be clarified directly with the author. Registration cannot be returned.

§5 Terms of payment

Andreas Spang - Xpert-Timer Software accepts payments in the manner offered on the registration pages. Andreas Spang - Xpert-Timer Software reserves the right not to carry out the registration request/order if there are doubts about the creditworthiness. Place of jurisdiction and place of performance is in any case Augsburg.

§6 Conclusion of the purchase contract

These conditions apply with the sending of the order - no matter in which way - as accepted.

Statements by Andreas Spang - Xpert-Timer Software in brochures, advertisements, catalogues, on internet websites etc. are non-binding; Prices are subject to change.

§7 Right of withdrawal / right of return

Since activation codes, software and shareware are not suitable for a return due to their nature, a return after purchase against reimbursement of the purchase price according to §3 Distance Selling Act is not possible.

§8 Cancellation/cancellation costs

A cancellation of the order by the customer is only possible up to the point at which Andreas Spang - Xpert-Timer Software has not yet initiated a delivery to the customer. A cancellation must be made in writing and is only considered accepted after written confirmation by Andreas Spang - Xpert-Timer Software. If Andreas Spang - Xpert-Timer Software has already incurred costs when processing the order before the cancellation is received, the customer shall bear these costs. If a cancellation is accepted by Andreas Spang - Xpert-Timer Software, any amounts already paid will be refunded immediately by crediting Andreas Spang - Xpert-Timer Software - the customer will not arrange for the amount to be returned.

§9 Other costs

If the customer - for whatever reason - refuses to pay the specified payment request or retrieves it from his side (e.g. credit card cancellation, direct debit return, bad check), he is liable for all resulting costs and consequential costs (e.g. return debit bank charges, postage, collection costs). In the event that provisions of this license agreement are or become wholly or partially invalid, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions. Rather, the ineffective provision is to be replaced by one that comes as close as possible to the meaning and purpose of the ineffective provision.