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Xpert-Timer Pro

The most popular and best-selling variant of our time tracker, including many modules and individually configurable.



Xpert-Timer Basic

The slim version of Xpert-Timer and only for single users..



Xpert-Timer Web

Track your time using
your browser in a private cloud.
On all platforms.



Whats new in version 7.0

  • New program variant "Xpert-Timer Web" to book times via a browser. Platform independent.
  • According to your branch of industry you can now edit terms in Xpert-Timer. E.g. "customer", "project", "task" can be replaced.
  • New, freely selectable background colors of the dialogs for better contrast.
  • Personal letter salutation for every single contact.
  • Employee photos can now be saved.
  • New entry mode for retroactive timestamps if you forget to start the timestamp.
  • Times can now be filtered using a date range in the billing manager.
  • CGapless saving of timestamps. If a timestamp is changed, the adjacent one can be automatically adjusted.