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The booking archive

Preserving Project Times and Prices

The Booking Archive in Xpert-Timer allows you to create a read-only archive that summarizes billing-related timestamps and services for a specific time period. It is particularly useful when you need to fix project times and prices, such as when changing prices in the company at the turn of the year. By archiving the previous years' timestamps, you can access and evaluate the archived times using appropriate filters in the reporting module.

Why is a booking archive useful?

By preserving project times and prices, you gain several advantages. If you have recorded the times for a full year in the booking archive, you can retrieve the prices used at that time in the reporting module, even years later. Additionally, archiving speeds up the process of reading project times in the program.

Once timestamps are archived, they cannot be changed or deleted unless you have the appropriate user access rights.

The Booking Archive is included in Xpert-Timer Pro, and there are no additional costs associated with it.

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