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Reporting project times

Meaningful reporting for controlling, time management and billing

With the reporting module in Xpert-Timer, you can generate reports based on the recorded times. This feature offers various filtering and grouping options to analyze your data effectively. You can summarize recorded data, compare expenses and income in the profit and loss account, and quickly filter by predefined time periods like weeks, months, years, or specific dates.

There are over 32 combinations available for displaying and exporting the data, which are described in detail in the manual's chapter on filters and groupings of the reporting module.

Here are some common questions you can answer using the reporting module:

  • How many hours were spent on each project type? (Can be filtered by employees)
  • What is the distribution of hours among billable, non-billable, and internal projects?
  • Are all project times accounted for? Are there any outstanding timestamps? (Marked as "yet to be billed")
  • Which projects, for which customer, were recorded in which currency?
  • Which tasks were worked on in a specific month or year?
  • How much time did we spend on a particular project type?
  • What is the total amount of billable, unbillable, and already billed time per project?
  • Are there any unaccounted timestamps for a given month?
  • Which projects accumulated time in a specific month?
  • How many hours were logged per project in a year?
  • How many hours did a specific employee work on which projects in a given month?
  • How many hours did all employees work on specific projects in a given month?
  • How much time did each employee work in a specific month?
  • How many hours did employees log for each customer?
  • How many hours did all employees or a specific employee log within a given period?


All data from the evaluation can be conveniently exported to Excel for further processing. Alternatively, you can use the REST API for project time tracking to read data from or write data to the database.

Try it out for free! Download and enjoy a 30-day trial period.