A chalkboard displaying the word To-Do list and a stessed user in comic style with a coffe and tablet in his hands.

The to-do list

To-Do list based on the GTD method

Xpert-Timer lets you to create a to-do list, enabling you to track and manage all your tasks efficiently. It allows you to assign a due date to each task, ensuring timely completion.

The to-do list can either be displayed in your project manager of Xpert-Timer, or you can use the to-do list as a separate, floating window on your desktop.

A project time tracking to-do list enhances your organization, focus, and productivity. By prioritizing tasks based on importance, you avoid overlooking any crucial items. With a well-organized to-do list, you gain an overview of pending tasks, estimated durations, and deadlines, enabling more effective time management.

Here are some tips for creating your task list:

  1. Collect: Brainstorm and write down all the tasks, ideas and to-dos that come to mind.
  2. Review: Review each item on your list, determining the necessary actions to complete them. For tasks that can be done in two minutes or less, execute them promptly. Otherwise, evaluate if you should personally handle the task, delegate it, defer it, or eliminate it from your list.
  3. Organize: After reviewing all tasks, categorize them based on context, priority, and deadlines. Create distinct categories such as work, home office, queries, and waiting to effectively organize your tasks.
  4. Reflect: Regularly review your lists and schedules to ensure you're on track to achieve your goals. This step will help you make adjustments, refocus your attention, and stay motivated.
  5. Get things done: Focus and get things done. Work through the tasks one after the other and avoid multitasking or procrastination.

Upon finishing a task on your to-do list, mark it as complete. This simple action provides a sense of achievement and fuels your motivation to continue. You can send tasks from Xpert-Timer to your Outlook tasks through the "Outlook module" or import tasks created there.

For more detailed information about the task list, please refer to the manual.

The task list in the Xpert-Timer looks like this:

Screenshot of the To Do list in Xpert-Timer project time tracking

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