Price Groups

Flexible billing rates for employees and projects

The Price Groups module allows you to set individual hourly rates for different professions. An engineer has a different hourly rate than a technical draftsman. Even if both work on the same project. The hourly rates can also be set up depending on the time of day. For example, from 8:00 to 17:00 the rates apply without surcharge. Later with overtime surcharge and also weekend surcharges.

You need different accounting sets depending on your client or user? A User has to be calculated differently depending on wether it's company X or Y? Then let me show you one of functions of Xpert-Timer. Why are price groups practical for you? With them you can change the accounting sets for every coworker depending on the client. The Projectcontrolling will be really happy about it.

Here's a small overview of the functions the price list offers:

• There is a validity time span aswell as a currency.

• It's used for day/time dependant flatrates.

• There are different accounting sets and price groups.

• It can be versionized (Expiry Date, new prices).

• Every price group can have its own accounting set in the pricelist.

• Every User is member of a Price group.

• Every Client and also their projects can receive their own pricelist.

• Every projekt aswell as their sub-projects can reveive their own pricelist.

Further details on price lists and price groups can be found here: