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Android users

Project time tracking on the go with your smartphone

The mobile time recording is used when your company has the requirement to connect some employees to the Xpert-Timer system with just an Android device. These employees often no longer have a fixed Windows workstation. For this application, you can install the "Xpert-Timer Mobil" app on the Android device and exchange the data with the central database in the company. You need the "Android users only" license and the one-time add-on module "XTSyncServer" for data exchange.

The advantage of this solution is that you can record the times independently of an internet connection. The data is stored on the Android device in a local database and later synchronized with the company database with an internet connection.

After launching the app on Google Play Store, assign the login mode "Android users only" to the employee in the Xpert-Timer Pro employee administration. Now this employee can use the mobile time recording and synchronize it from his mobile device. However, the employee cannot log in to the central Xpert-Timer system for Windows.

Web app instead of Android users only

Alternatively, you can use the XTWeb app in your mobile device's browser. However, this app is internet-dependent and writes the recorded data live to the company database. Learn more about the XTWeb.

The user interface of Xpert-Timer Mobile