Product logo with a screenshot and a woman in front of a board displaying the word XTCloudserver

XTCloudServer - web service

Connection via the Internet with local data storage

XTCloudServer is the interface with the web server for using the Xpert-Timer Web in the browser. The interface requires a Windows system and can therefore be installed on any Windows server or computer. Employees who have been granted access via the browser interface then work in the company's private cloud. The XTCloudServer (REST-API) receives the recorded data from the mobile devices (Android, Windows, iOS) and saves it directly in the central MS-SQL, MySQL or MariaDB database in the company.

Recording project times using the Xpert-Timer Web software in combination with the XTCloudServer is best used with a fast, reliable internet connection . As an alternative, there is the synchronization variant of the Xpert-Timer, which first saves the data in a local database and when there is a good connection (Internet, VPN, LAN) synchronized with the central database at the push of a button.