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Xpert-Timer is used for time recording on activities and projects. The basic version of Xpert-Timer is optimized for self-employed and freelancers who want to document and bill their working hours, while the network-ready Pro version in companies is optimized for teams, time management and documentation of project work.

Xpert-Timer was originally developed to document the steps involved in software development. The time tracking software is perfect for capturing the time you need to work on projects as well as documenting your time on many short jobs and tasks.

Core function time tracking / time management
The core function of the software is and remains the time recording. It is up to every user to decide how exact (to the minute) the timestamps are saved. 

The time recording software can do even more!
Other features include the reimbursables ledger for services, such as travel expenses, the list of tasks still due for projects, invoicing for projects, an activity history with which you can document the course of the project and a client management. Furthermore, there is a telephony module which detects the incoming and outgoing calls via the TAPI interface and saves the time of the call on a specific project. The Outlook module allows the saving of emails in the document management of Xpert-Timer or the creation of a task from Outlook via drag & drop.

With Xpert-Timer Web in a private cloud, you can record your project times with a browser, regardless of your working platform, and save your times directly into the main database.

Many more tips & tricks
There are many more functions in Xpert Timer. From quick capture to keyboard shortcuts to favorites, time tracking on your Android device, synchronization with your laptop, and more. Have a look into the manual to find out about all the features. 

Try it for free
You can trial Xpert-Timer for 30 days without restrictions, in the network with a maximum of 10 employees. Download the latest version from our download page. If you are working within a network, the installation on a network drive is sufficient to connect all employees to Xpert-Timer. A link to the xperttimer.exe in the network directory is enough to start the program from all workstations.