Product image of Xpert-Timer Basic, with a screenshot of the software and a comic drawn women sitting at a desk pointing the thumb up.

Xpert-Timer Basic for single users

Looking for simple time tracking solution? Xpert-Timer Basic offers exactly that. It's a slim version of Xpert-Timer Pro and designed for single users who want an easy and straightforward time tracking solution. With Xpert-Timer Basic, you can track time for your projects and sub-projects effortlessly.

The software includes essential features such as an activity history, reminders, and a task list to keep you organized. You cannot purchase additional modules, keeping the time tracking process simple and efficient.

If you only need to book times on projects and tasks, Xpert-Timer Basic is the ideal choice for you. However, if you eventually plan to expand and connect multiple employees or require customer management features, you can upgrade to Xpert-Timer Pro.

Please note that the basic version does not include the "Invoice" module, so if you need to generate invoices, you have to use an external program.

To try out Xpert-Timer Basic, you can access the full software as a 30-day trial version.

Simply download the latest version from the official website and start enjoying simple and effective time tracking for your projects.

Xpert-Timer Basic is available for 89 Euros per license plus "Basic" software assurance of 25 Euros.< /p>