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Project time tracking with Xpert-Timer Pro

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Included and purchasable modules

In order to map other business areas than just project time recording, we decided to include some modules in the Pro version, which help you with the daily work on the PC. The following modules are included in the software at no extra charge:

The following modules are already included in the software:

Price groups: Automatically manage different prices within a project, e.g. for technical workers, engineers or trainees.
Work groups: Separate visibilities of projects on e.g. departments, project teams.
Cient management: A small CRM system for managing addresses and contacts.
Task management: Your digital to-do list. In the to-do list you can check off things that you need to do.
Project history: Capture a time-independent history about the project. The documentation is done without time stamp, but only with date.
Reminders: You want to be reminded of an activity? The reminders are completely deleted from the system after completion.
Reporting: Powerful reporting module for controlling the projects.
Booking archive: Prices change at the turn of the year. Save them in the booking archive, so you have them available after years.

Optionally, these further additional modules are available:

Staff time tracking: Punch in, punch out, capture overtime, vacation days or sick days.
Billing: Invoice your recorded project times.
Document management: Here you can save documents and link them to your project.
Reimbursables: Capture non-project time costs, such as materials, hotel costs, etc.
Synchronization: Capture time off-site and synchronize the data. By cell phone or Windows device.
Outlook module: Import emails as tasks or document, or send tasks from Xpert-Timer to your Outlook task list.
CTI: Start and stop projects from your PBX TAPI interface

All modules can be switched on and off in the configuration. This allows you to decide for yourself what modules to use, keeping the user interface lean.

Try it out for free! Download and enjoy a 30-day trial period.

Capture via web browser, or as installed version

You can choose whether you prefer to record your times in a Windows App, or in a browser. Both is possible with Xpert-Timer. In both cases the database is stored on your company servers, so you have full access to your data.


Project Time Tracking in an On-Premise Cloud

If you would like to record your project times with a browser, the project time recording variant XTWeb is the tool you need. A web server is deployed in your company that allows access to your Xpert-Timer database via the web application XTWeb. You need a Windows server or a device with a Windows operating system that runs around the clock24/7 to make sure the data can be accessed at any time. For more details about XTWeb and the interface, see the chapter "XTCloudserver".

Project time tracking with the Windows App

You can also install the software on your Windows PC as a Windows App. In case you work in a project team, you can install the software on a network drive. If you do so, all employees can access the time tracking software via a shortcut from the desktop. This makes it easier to install updates later. The installed version offers many more functions in the user interface than the web variant. Especially for evaluations you should use the Windows App, because there are many more filter and grouping options available than in the web variant.

Access and visibility

Access to the respective projects is regulated in Xpert-Timer via the integrated rights management, security levels and, if required, via working groups. Thus, each employee sees only the projects of his work group, or the projects that have been assigned to him.


An unrestricted purchase license is available for a one-time fee of 185.- Euro net per employee plus the software assurance (20% or 25% of the license value).

Technical notes

The software can be installed on a server and is optionally based on an MS-Access, MS-SQL (also Express variant), PostgreSQL, Maria DB or MySQL database.

The software should be installed on a shared network drive so that all employees only run a single .exe file. This makes it easier to install regular updates.

Last but not least, here's a listing of the Functions in Xpert-Timer. In this file you can see, if your desired functions are included.

A list of available modules in the different Xpert-Timer versions

Try it out for free! Download and enjoy a 30-day trial period.

Useful downloads:

MariaDB Heidi SQL