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Logo of the company TCTeam

TCTeam GmbH

Users since 2011

TCTeam GmbH is an independent service provider for technical documentation and offers preparation, consulting and testing services. The company specializes in the field of rail vehicle technology. Focus: Creation of operating, maintenance and component documentation, development of documentation concepts, implementation of technical training.

Axel Nordmann, technical editor, appreciates the user-friendliness of the software: “We have used the Xpert-Timer since the company was founded - 26 employees now work with the program. The software is easy to use and the timeline, which can also be hidden if necessary, makes working with the application very pleasant. I like it a lot and like to learn by trial and error - the software is self-explanatory. ”

Since 2022 they have also been using the work time module for Xpert-Timer.

Logo of the company Newlite


Users since 2019

NEWLITEGmbH has been offering customized IT solutions for the needs and requirements of its customers since 1996. As a competent full-service partner, NEWLITE-Systems not only takes on planning, testing, execution, implementation or migration, but also the after-sales service as well as training, further education, support and service.

“Since we recorded the times with the Xpert-Timer to the minute, we have been able to bill about 50% more services. That is enormous! There is simply no more minute lost in working hours. Our customers receive a clearly understandable invoice, which means that we receive fewer customer inquiries, ” says managing director Alexander Bechtold.

Know How! AG

Users since 2011

Know How AG is a leading German e-learning provider. The company has been committed to learning and further education for over 20 years. The focus is always on people with their individual needs and their own personal knowledge. The Know How! AG uses the Xpert-Timer with 110 employees for project-related time recording and reporting.

Expert office Peter Klug

Users since 2014

The expert office Peter Klug offers the creation of tree registers, the implementation of tree checks, measurement of trees with GPS and GIS, detailed investigations, tree reports and corresponding seminars.

The expert office maps its management processes using Xpert-Timer: “The focus is on project management. We sometimes use time recording for controlling purposes, but above all as proof of work for monthly billing per employee. Even small projects can be calculated with Xpert-Timer according to the time required. We use the time stamp function here, including the comment input, as a transparent proof of performance for our customers, ”says graduate engineer Jens Jacksteit, certified tree inspector and consultant in the Peter Klug expert office.

Bellin GmbH

Users since 2015

Xpert-Timer software was introduced in 2015 at BELLIN, the world's leading technology provider in the areas of corporate banking and treasury. Together with subsidiaries and partner companies, BELLIN supports almost 500 corporate groups and groups with around 35,000 companies and over 80,000 users in 150 countries.

The Xpert-Timer is now in daily use at 62 consultants at different locations worldwide. Florian Koch, Business System Analyst, BELLIN GmbH says that the project-based workload and availability of the consultants can be tracked by generated reports from Xpert-Timer: “With one click, it gives us immediate transparency, for which tasks, how much time was needed and displays the workload for the consultants company-wide. We can immediately see how far the actual project progress is compared to the previously estimated time required. ”

Praxisdesign Dr. Peiler

Users since 2013

Praxisdesign Dr. Peiler specializes in web design, logo, printed matter, signs and practice photography for doctors and dentists. Over 20 years of experience as a dentist make Praxisdesign a marketing specialist in this area.

Praxisdesign Dr. Peiler uses Xpert-Timer with seven employees and appreciates the software: “XpertTimer is an excellent tool for us, with which we record all working hours in projects. Nothing gets lost anymore, no task is overlooked until it has been ticked off and no times slip through to the customer without billing them. The income has increased significantly - the program is in daily use and we don't want to miss it anymore. We are very, very happy with the program. ”

Logo of the company DataCreateAsal

DataCreate Asal

Users since 2016

DataCreate Asals' team is based in Todtnau and has been active in the field of web design and graphics since 2003. The company supports numerous customers, from craftsmen, tourism professionals to service providers and amusement parks to the club.

“The automated timeline in the Xpert-Timer saves me a lot of time because it enables a quick change between projects and I can therefore easily and easily record the times. I also have everything in view in the timeline. The intuitive and flexible software convinced me right from the start in terms of minute and transparent time recording, ”reports web designer Stefan Asal.


Users since 2017

Korsalke.BIZ is a specialist for all matters relating to data protection in the company and for the assessment, analysis and planning of the IT infrastructure. The company appreciates the many advantages of Xpert-Timer. "All relevant data such as e.g. project progress or deadlines are shown clearly and structured in the project manager. The user interface is attractive and the software is self-explanatory. All information is summarized in a single program. The search for documents in filing folders has now come to an end! ”Says Managing Director Rainer Korsalke.

TransferPlus AG

Users since 2013

TransferPlus AG was founded in 1994 and is based in Lucerne, Switzerland. The company covers a wide range of services in the field of market research according to its company philosophy "highest quality at competitive prices".

TransferPlus AG has been using the Xpert-Timer Pro with 5 employees to record and evaluate project times since 2013. Managing Director Mario Bazzani looks back: “It was decisive for us that Xpert-Timer is a small, owner-managed company. You can feel the interest in the customer. When it comes to support inquiries, we aren't put on hold, but get competent support and help right away. "

MGGM Software GmbH

Users since 2011

MGGM analyzes mission-critical business processes, advises on digitization and replaces old ERP systems or isolated solutions. MGGM Software GmbH develops individual, reliable business software for the digitalization of medium-sized companies and ensures stable operation.

Since 2011, 30 of the company's software developers have recorded their times using the Xpert-Timer Pro. Without complicated training, the employees were able to understand the software easily and started time tracking right away:

“That is actually what distinguishes a good product. It has to be plausible, after all, nobody wants to have to work through instructions before everything works, ”said Mr. Mucha. "I have already recommended Xpert-Timer software several times because it is very user-friendly and because it simply works!"

Kontruktionsbüro Neuffer

Users since 2019

The design office Neuffer, based in Bregenz, specializes in the areas of mechanical engineering and manufacturing technology. The decisive point for the changeover to Xpert-Timer software was for owner Heinz Neuffer the practical combination of project planning, document management and time recording in just one software:

“Before we accept a customer order, we first use Xpert-Timer to plan the schedule and the employee capacities. On the basis of this initial project planning, a decision is made about the acceptance of the order. During order processing, we record the times using Xpert-Timer. We save and manage project-related documents using the internal document management."

Logo of the company Scholl Communications

Scholl Communications AG

Users since 2011

Scholl Communications AG accelerates and simplifies the development and publication processes of website operators with innovative software technologies and thus helps to significantly reduce the costs of Internet projects right from the start.

The company has been a successful software house on the market since 1988 and serves more than 10,000 software customers and over 1,500 service customers. Since 2011, eight of the company's employees have been using our Xpert-Timer project time recording.

Makkon GmbH

Users since 2011

Passion, fascination, technology and the vision to develop solutions for tomorrow today and optimize existing ones - that is the core of the philosophy of the Makkon creative office for technical developments.

Makkon GmbH, based in Austria, uses our Xpert-Timer in the Pro version with 12 employees for project time recording and post-calculation and especially appreciates the intuitive, simple handling of the Xpert-Timer with all the evaluation options required for billing and post-calculation.

Logo of the company Valentin Koch

Graphic designer Valentin Koch

Users since 2011

For graphic designer Valentin Koch, Xpert-Timer is the perfect freelance software for project management, also in regards to data security. In the beginning Valentin Koch used the time stamp function to collect empirical values, now he uses Xpert-Timer for the entire project planning.

“In order to calculate an offer for the creation of an illustration, I first estimate the time required for this based on experience. Afterwards I look at how much time I actually needed to complete the illustration. During the project phase, I use the Xpert-Timer to document all times, which then serve as the basis for my internal controlling and which allow me even more planning security for future quotation calculations."

Logo of the company 4eins41


Users since 2011

Andreas Kuderer, owner of 4eins41, is a specialist in customer-focused corporate management. As an expert in customer needs and customer perspectives, Andreas Kuderer has been using Xpert-Timer Pro in his company since 2011 to record and assign times to various projects and to bill times with his customers. The use of our software also enables him to create summary reports such as monthly evaluations and the determination of the current time expenditure for individual projects. Mr. Kuderer says about the use of Xpert-Timer: "It has everything you need and very important: runs stable!".

K3 Innovationen

Users since 2011

K3 Innovations GmbH delivers tailor-made IT solutions - individually tailored to companies. Whether from solutions from the media and publishing world, through intranet solutions to hosting solutions. The company uses 11 Xpert-Timer licenses for cost control and post-calculation of completed projects.

Herbst & Kost

Users since 2016

Herbst & Kost Computer Solution has stood for quality and service since 1995. As a competent system and consulting house, it supports private users and companies with all questions in the area of information and communication technology with a high level of solution know-how, competent advice and qualified service. Herbst & Kost computer solution uses Xpert-Timer in the Pro and Mobile version with 5 employees for project time recording and for internal monitoring of project progress. The minute-by-minute and mobile timestamp function in Xpert-Timer enables the company to record significantly more times than before the introduction of the Xpert-Timer and to bill these to customers transparently.

tandel hq

Users since 2011

tandel-hq, based in Frankfurt am Main, stands for web design and graphic design. The company uses Xpert-Timer in the Pro version for time recording as well as for invoice creation and tracking of incoming payments. Stephan Tandel also appreciates the ability to make entries and the option to change them later on in Xpert-Timer: “A really great and effective tool, which not only helps me to keep an overview, but is also quick and easy to use with great service - THANKS "

Rogator AG

Users since 2013

Rogator has stood for competence, professionalism and high-quality software products for over seventeen years. Thanks to the experience gained from hundreds of online surveys and the development of our own software products, they are now among the most renowned providers in the field of online market research. To keep an overview of the different customer projects, 26 employees of the company have been using our Xpert-Timer since 2014.

Breins Elektrotechnik GmbH

Users since 2012

Breins Elektrotechnik GmbH has been offering intelligent solutions for the planning and execution of electrical engineering systems for over 50 years. Since 2011, our Xpert-Timer has been used by 25 employees for project-related time recording.

Schwaiger Business.IT

Users since 2012

Schwaiger IT is a competent service company in the field of IT, Voice over IP and Security. Xpert-Timer has been used here since 2012 in the mobile version for recording services on site. The recorded data is synchronized to the central server and is used for billing. Schwaiger IT uses Xpert-Timer for two employees on PC and mobile on Android devices.

WW Consulting GmbH

Users since 2011

WW Consulting GmbH stands for ERP and ERP systems in the textile and clothing industry. The consulting services revolve around the software packages that industry and trade use for merchandise management. Since 2011, four employees in the company have been using Xpert-Timer for time recording and billing of consulting services.

ATeNe GmbH

Users since 2012

ATeNe GmbH - Agency for Technology and Networks was founded in 2005 and is based in Potsdam. The company, which currently has twelve employees, works as a technical management consultancy nationwide.

"We use the Xpert-Timer for time recording, for our controlling and for the administration of our customer contacts", explains Rainer Bohnert, project manager of ATeNe GmbH. That is why the employees of ATeNe GmbH work daily with the time recording function in the Xpert-Timer and mainly with the two modules "Reporting" and "Client management".