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Effortlessly solve staff time tracking with Xpert-Timer!

Since the European Court of Justice (ECJ) ruling in 2019 regarding the recording of working hours, it has become crucial for employers to have an objective and reliable system in place. This system must accurately measure the daily working hours of employees, ensuring compliance with the Working Time Directive, and allowing for rest periods and maximum working hours.

Regardless of whether your employees have fixed or flexible working time models, or if they work in shifts, implementing a working time tracking system is essential. The question then arises: what should this system look like?

Every employer should consider implementing a working time tracking solution in their company. For more information on the requirements set by the ECJ, you can refer to our detailed resource on "Requirements of the ECJ for recording working hours"

With Xpert-Timer's time tracking software, you can easily meet these legal requirements. Our solution is specifically designed for tracking working hours on PC workstations, and we even offer the option of connecting chip terminals for added convenience. We provide the terminals, and our team will handle the setup process for you.

Take the worry out of staff time tracking with Xpert-Timer. Ensure compliance, streamline your processes, and keep your business running smoothly. Get started today!

Document punch-in punch-out exactly

Timekeeping on paper or Excel - is that allowed?

No. Using traditional methods like paper-based or Excel time sheets is no longer allowed. According to the European Court of Justice (ECJ), employers must be able to monitor compliance with break times from the start of work to prevent employees from working excessively. Filling out time sheets after work has ended doesn't allow for intervention or effective health protection.

The ECJ requires the recording of working hours to ensure proper rest periods and protect employee well-being. Manual time sheets, which are typically entered into a system afterward, cannot provide the necessary checks for daily and weekly rest periods.

With Xpert-Timer, you can easily maintain an overview of employee presence and ensure compliance with required breaks. Our live overview feature allows you to see if employees are currently on a break, clocked in or out, their current holiday entitlement, and even their current project if connected to project time tracking.

Say goodbye to outdated timekeeping methods and embrace Xpert-Timer for accurate and efficient staff time tracking. Gain the peace of mind that comes with knowing you're prioritizing your employees' well-being while keeping your business running smoothly. Try Xpert-Timer today!

Personalzeiterfassung-Anwesenheitsliste mit Überstunden und Urlaub

Discover how our time tracking system simplifies employee time tracking!

With the ECJ judgment emphasizing the importance of recording working hours to protect employee health, it's crucial to choose software that meets the required standards. Once Xpert-Timer is installed, tracking working hours becomes effortless and reliable. You have the flexibility to use order-related time recording, project time recording, or working time recording separately, tailoring it to your company's specific needs.

Combining project time recording with working time recording offers numerous benefits. Xpert-Timer's timeline floats on your Windows PC screen, providing a clear view of your working hours for the day. As employees start their PCs and projects in Xpert-Timer, the time recording automatically logs their check-in and check-out times. You can easily track plus and minus hours at a glance. If any adjustments are required, a rights system allows authorized employees to make changes within a specified timeframe, such as up to 3 days retrospectively. For added control, an approval process can be activated if necessary.


When using time tracking without project time tracking

Easily record your check-in and check-out times with Xpert-Timer's punch clock feature. Alternatively, you can manually enter the times into the system as an addendum. Simplify your time tracking process and choose the method that works best for you. With Xpert-Timer, tracking your working hours has never been easier.

Time clock for recording working hours

With Xpert-Timer you get a suitable solution for project and working time recording that meets the following requirements of the ECJ:

Requirement according to ECJ

Fulfilled by the Xpert-Timer software
The system must measure the daily working time of each employee. ++ The heart of time tracking
The daily and weekly minimum rest periods and the weekly maximum working hours are guaranteed ++ Xpert Timer indicates deviations.
Employer must be notified of work commencement and termination. ++ Employee overview shows who is clocked in, who is on break or clocked out.
Data must not be easily manipulated ++ Rights management controls access to the data
The system must be objective ++ Changes are documented with timestamp and name
The system must be reliable ++ The employee has full access (read) to their data

Why should timekeeping be used at all?

Without timekeeping, witness evidence is often required for the employee to prove actual time worked in a dispute. In this case, however, only colleagues are considered as witnesses, who, from the point of view of the ECJ, will not testify in favor of the employee due to their structural inferiority and fear of disadvantages. The enforcement of employee rights is thus severely impaired and, from the point of view of the ECJ, needs to be compensated.

The primary reason is health protection for employees

The purpose of recording working hours is to protect employees. Accordingly, software is used to pay more attention to how long an employee works and whether they comply with the minimum daily breaks and recovery time. The employer must provide the employee with the software to collect this data.

  • An employee must be granted a minimum of eleven consecutive hours of rest per 24-hour period.
  • For every seven-day period, an employee must be granted a minimum continuous rest period of 24 hours plus the daily rest period of eleven hours.
  • Weekly working hours must be determined by national laws and regulations or by collective agreements or agreements.
  • The average working time per seven-day period must not exceed 48 hours including overtime.

What does the Xpert-Timer digital time recording include?

  • Flexible working time models that you can create individually.
  • Individual overtime regulations for each employee.
  • Surcharge times for weekend and holiday work.
  • Direct access to in/out times.
  • Summary overview of target/actual times.
  • Employee evaluations and access rights.
  • Filing of the place of work, to differentiate between e.g. home office or office work.
  • Optional connection to a terminal with chip card reader and display.
  • and much more

The dashboard of the working time recording

Time tracking for your company

You want a simple, clear way to record the working hours of your employees? Convince yourself and download the 30-day test version of the Xpert-Timer today. The installation wizard offers you the option of installing project time tracking in combination with working time tracking, or installing the respective product individually.

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