Xpert-Timer Web

Ihre Private Cloud

Unlimited time tracking on all devices


Xpert-Timer Web is the perfect solution for tracking time on multiple devices. For example you can use a Windows Laptop, an Android smartphone and a Apple computer in your office. In order to save the timestamps a private cloud is set up in your office. All data is saved securely in your main database. 

An additional "XTWeb" user license is necessary for every employee that additionally wants to use the browser App.

The access rights to the individual functions in Xpert-Timer Web are controlled by the rights groups in the Xpert-Timer Pro.

The big advantage of this web application is that tasks and projects distributed by the head office are immediately visible to the employee. Conversely, the controlling department immediately sees if problems with a project occur and can initiate appropriate steps.

XTWeb is the perfect complement to Xpert-Timer Pro for Windows. Because now you can even use devices without a Windows operating system, such as Mac with iOS or smartphones with Android to record your working hours.