Staff time tracking an project time tracking

Check-in/check-out, Overtime, Absences

With the "Work Time Tracking" add-on module, you can enhance your Xpert-Timer Pro with a comprehensive working time recording system. This module was developed in collaboration with medium-sized companies and addresses various requirements, with a focus on the criteria set by the European Court of Justice (ECJ) ruling.

The work time tracking module covers the following features:

  • Simple clock-in/clock-out and break time tracking via the timebar or a separate time clock window on the PC.
  • Flexibility to create custom working time models tailored to your company's needs.
  • Leave account management to track leave entitlement and display remaining leave on the dashboard.
  • Upcoming features: Vacation request and approval.
  • Clear display of absences such as illness, training, or business trips.
  • Stamp-in feature with the ability to specify the place of work, such as home office or office, for easier tax preparation.
  • Integration of project time tracking and working time recording in one package.
  • Comprehensive evaluations with weekly, monthly, and yearly views, along with a general overview.
  • Approval process for working hours, from employees to supervisors, and finally to HR for payroll processing.
  • Linking of project start and end times to the work time tracking.
  • Compliance with data protection requirements through access rights management.
  • Ability to create custom break time regulations or activate statutory break regulations.
  • Consideration of core time, framework time, and flexitime in work models.
  • Customizable overtime regulations.
  • Support for additional hours, overtime, weekend work, and holiday work.
  • Integration of holidays in the system, with customization options.

The price of the module "Work time tracking"

The module is available additionally to Xpert-Timer Pro for 65.- Euro per employee plus software maintenance. As a rental license you get the working time recording for 2.- Euro net per month per employee.

For details on how to record working time, see the manual: Work time tracking

Screenshots of the work time tracking module