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The client management

Your small CRM System

Xpert-Timer's client management feature helps you handle your interactions with customers more effectively. It allows you to store important customer information like contact details, preferences, notes, and conversations. This feature not only assists with tracking project time but also improves your customer service.

In addition to storing customer data, Xpert-Timer functions as a CRM system and automates various customer management tasks. It can send emails, keep track of project progress, and help you plan follow-ups using reminders. This saves time and boosts your efficiency.

You can organize your customers into categories and keep track of the status of your customer relationships. Xpert-Timer also lets you define individual price lists for different customers. The client management feature conveniently stores customer-related documents such as invoices or quotes.

The client level is an optional feature in project time tracking. You have the flexibility to create projects and record project times with or without a client level.

For more detailed information on client management, refer to the manual: Customer Management

The client management in Xpert-Timer displaying some contact details

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