Project time tracking for a team or a single user

In these areas of work Xpert-Timer is used

Service providers

Transparency towards the Customer

Do you bill your work based on hourly rates? For precise documentation of various activities performed on behalf of a customer, project time tracking is an excellent solution. Xpert-Timer allows you to capture all individual steps of a customer project, and you can easily invoice them using the project time tracking's invoicing module. Providing a detailed breakdown of the actual time worked will please the end customer, and you will be spared from dealing with tedious billing inquiries.

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Internat cost calculation

Who, what, when, how long?

Predefined projects and activities can be tracked down to the minute in project time tracking. These recorded project times serve as a basis for calculating internal costs incurred.
For example: The IT department of a company is utilized by various departments. Sometimes it's for installing a new printer, other times it's to fix a system error. The time spent by the IT in different departments is recorded in projects or activities with Xpert-Timer. At the end of the month, the software can precisely analyze which department has availed the IT department's services, for how long, for what specific tasks, and how frequently.

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Capacity management

Happy Employees

Capacity and performance management enables process-oriented performance measurement across defined organizational areas. Happy employees are good employees, and a key requirement for that is a fair and equitable distribution of work. To optimize work areas, processing times and lead times are measured.

With our project time tracking software, every process can be easily measured in day-to-day operations, allowing for a realistic determination of processing time and lead time. Based on the corresponding analyses, optimization of work areas becomes possible.

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Performance management

When speed is of the essence

Xpert-Timer can track the time spent on each task. By involving your employees, you can identify time-consuming activities and optimize processes. This helps counteract the waste of time, materials, and workforce.

Reorganize your workflow by useing a project time tracking software, whether it's with Xpert-Timer Pro, Basic, or Web. The software will reveal any gaps in your structure, allowing you to make necessary improvements.


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Self control

What am I doing all day?

Freelancers love using a project time tracking software for self-monitoring. By tracking time, they can maintain focus on one task, reducing interruptions or distractions from other activities. This helps structure their daily workflow, avoid unnecessary interruptions, and ultimately increases productivity.

For many Xpert-Timer users, it's simply fascinating to see how much time was actually spent productively throughout the day.

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Was it profitable?

Fixed prices are often used in project settings. But what is the revneue when finishing a project and all employees were working on the project simultaneously? It's often unclear how many hours each employee has dedicated to the project alongside their other tasks. Interruptions like phone calls or meetings are inevitable.

With our project time tracking software, you can obtain an accurate calculation of the incurred costs based on price lists. This allows you to quickly assess whether the project has been truly beneficial for your company at the end of the project period. For optimal teamwork, we recommend using Xpert-Timer Pro in combination with XTWeb.


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