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Praxisdesign Dr. Peiler

praxisdesign Dr. Peiler

User since 2013

The team of Praxisdesign Peiler specializes in web design, logo, printed matter, signs and practice photography for doctors and dentists. With over 20 years of experience, dentist Mr. Peiler of Praxisdesign is the marketing specialist in this field.

Praxisdesign Peiler uses Xpert-Timer Pro for his team of seven employees and appreciates the use of our software: "XpertTimer is an excellent tool for us, with which we record all working hours in projects. So nothing is lost to us, no task is overlooked until it has been ticked off and no times slip through to the customer without billing them. The revenue has increased significantly - the program is in daily use and we do not want to miss it anymore. We are very satisfied with the program. "

Scholl Communications

User since 2011

Scholl Communications AG uses innovative software technologies to accelerate and simplify the development and publication processes of website operators, thereby significantly reducing the costs of Internet projects from the very beginning.

The company has been a successful software vendor since 1988 and serves more than 10,000 software customers and more than 1,500 service customers. Since 2011, eight employees of the company use our project time recording system Xpert-Timer.


User since 2011

Andreas Kuderer, owner of 4eins41, specializes in customer-focused corporate management. As an expert for customer needs and customer perspectives, Andreas Kuderer has been using Xpert-Timer Pro in his company since 2011 to record and assign times to various projects and to settle the times with his customers. The use of our software also allows him to create summary reports such as monthly evaluations and the determination of the current time expenditure for individual projects. "The software has everything you need and very important: it's running stable!", comments Mr. Kuderer about Xpert-Timer.

Makkon GmbH

User since 2011

Passion, fascination, technology and the vision to develop solutions for tomorrow today and to optimize existing ones - this is the core of the philosophy of the creative office Makkon for technical developments.

Makkon GmbH, based in Austria uses Xpert-Timer in the Pro version with 10 coworkers for the project time tracking and calculation. Makkon GmbH likes the intuitive, simple handling of Xpert-Timer most. It's got all necessary functions to calculate and evaluate projects.

Know How! AG

User since 2011

Know How AG is a leading German e-learning provider. For over 20 years, the company has dedicated itself to learning and training. The focus is always on people with their individual needs and their own personal knowledge. Know How! AG uses Xpert-Timer with 110 employees for project-related time recording and evaluation.

K3 Innovationen

User since 2011

K3 Innovations GmbH delivers tailor-made IT solutions - individually made for companies. Whether solutions from the media and publishing world, via intranet solutions to hosting solutions. The company uses eleven licenses of Xpert-Timer for cost control and post-calculation of completed projects.

Herbst & Kost

User since 2016

Herbst & Kost computer solution stands for quality and service. The company was found in 1995. As a competent system and consulting company, it cares for private users and companies in all questions in the field of IT with its high solution know-how, competent advice and qualified service. Herbst & Kost computer solution uses Xpert-Timer in the Pro and Mobile version with five employees, mainly for project time recording as well as for internal monitoring of the project progress. The minute-accurate and mobile timestamping feature in Xpert Timer allows the company to capture significantly more times than before. The software was introduced to track time and to transparently bill them against customers.

tandel hq

User since 2011

Based in Frankfurt am Main, tandel-hq stands for web design and graphic design. The company uses Xpert Timer in the Pro version for time tracking as well as billing and tracking of incoming payments. Stephan Tandel also appreciates the possibility of making subsequent entries and changes on Xpert timer: "A really great and effective tool, which not only helps me to keep track, but is also quick and easy to use with great service - THANK YOU "

Rogator market research & software


User since 2013

For more than twelve years Rogator has stood for competence, professionalism and high-quality software products. Based on the experience of hundreds of online surveys and the development of their own software products, they are among the most renowned providers in the field of online market research today. To keep track of the different customer projects, 26 employees of the company have been using our Xpert Timer since 2014.

Schwaiger Business.IT

User since 2012

Schwaiger IT is a competent service provider in the area of IT, Voice over IP and Security. Xpert-Timer has been used here since 2012 in the mobile version for recording local services. The collected data is synchronized to the central database and used for billing. Schwaiger IT uses Xpert-Timer for two employees on the PC and Xpert-Timer Mobile on Android devices.

WW Consulting

User since 2011

WW Consulting GmbH stands for merchandise management and merchandise management systems in the textile and clothing industry. The consulting services revolve around the software packages used in the commercial sector. Since 2011, four employees in the company use Xpert-Timer for time recording and billing of consulting services.

Breins Elektrotechnik

User since 2012

Breins Elektrotechnik GmbH has been providing intelligent solutions for the planning and implementation of electrotechnical systems for more than 50 years. Since 2011, Xpert-Timer has been used by 25 employees for project-related time recording.