Time tracking

Choose between manual and automatic time recording

The core function of the software is and remains the time recording. How roughly or finely the documentation is done is up to the user of the software. For example, you could just record your presence in the company. You start the timer when you boot your computer and stop the timer in the evening when you shut down the computer. You may also book an hour for lunch on a project. Or, you want to track exactly your activities and how much time you spent working. You can either enter the project times automatically via the timeline of Xpert-Timer, or you can track the times manually using the manual entry dialog.

Comments on timestamps

Every time stamp can have its own comment. This allows the project history to be documented precisely. For more information on timestamps, visit the Xpert-Timer manual here: "All about timestamps"


Automatic time tracking or manual entries

If you use the automatic stopwatch, you can book the time for projects or tasks with a mouse click or keyboard shortcut. Sometimes, however, the capture can only be done after the work is done. Then you can also enter the times quite comfortably using the manual entry dialog. There are two modes available. You can enter a from/till time, or the sum of the worked hours from a time (of / hours).