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What's new in version 7?

Xpert-Timer Web
New program variant "Xpert-Timer.Web" in order to be able to access the time recording data via a browser.
Industry Specific Terms
For the terms "customer", "project", "task", "employee", "performance" and "workgroup" e.g.
- Lawyers (client, mandate, activity). Employee becomes editor
- Engineering offices (client, contract, activity)
64-bit version available
We still recommend using the 32-bit version due to the necessary drivers of the databases.
New colors
The background color of all windows can now be set to any color.
To find under configuration-> user-> view-> window background
New menu item
New menu item "Add folder" in the document list to add a folder as link to the DMS
Text format can now be set between "Text with formatting & images", "Text with formatting" and "Text only"
This is important for using the Xpert-Timer.Web because there can not be displayed any tasks that contain images.
MS-Access, SQLite: Check at start whether database tables are possibly corrupt. e.g. by a system crash.
When printing -> Send as Email, a separate editor dialog can now be opened by clicking in the field "E-Mail Text" to better edit the text.
There is also a separate input field for the file name of the e-mail attachment.
Timestamps can now be imported to the Xpert Timer via a CSV import wizard.
It is now possible to store a global letter salutation with variable substitution for communication by e-mail in the configuration.
The text is used with the variable %% SALUTATION %%.
You can now also enter a personal letter salutation in the contacts. The use in the text about the variable %% SALUTATION %%
Here is the current monthly report.
Best regards,
Each contact of a customer now has a new field "VAT ID". This is convenient for customers who have departments in different countries.
This means that a separate VAT ID can be entered for each establishment or branch.
Employee / User
Now a employee photo can be deposited.
New entry type: "Retroactive". This can be added retroactively from a time in hours.
Project Manager
New column "Time remaining". This column displays the difference between estimate and required time.
New keyboard shortcut
short for "Search for customer". Press Ctrl + Alt + F to filter for a customer in the Project Manager.
Open Times: The open times can now also be filtered by a date range. Thus, only certain periods can be billed, e.g. "last week", "last month"
Change timestamp: Complete acquisition of contiguous timestamps. Query if a timestamp changes that has a directly adjacent predecessor and / or successor. These timestamps are then automatically adjusted to the changed start / end time.