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You are searching for a fitting project-time tracker?


First of all, the question arises with which medium you want to use the project-time tracker. Unlike many other providers, with Xpert-Timer Pro in combination with Xpert-Timer Web, you can capture your project times on PC, on your Smartphone, aswell as on every internet browser, and store your sensitive data in your companys' local database. It's perfect for teams because all team members can record time on the project at the same time. This way you won't lose a single calculable minute.  

    Xpert-Timer Basic

    The slim version of Xpert-Timer and only for single users..



    Xpert-Timer Pro

    The most popular and best-selling variant of our time tracker, including many modules and individually configurable.



    Xpert-Timer Web

    Track your time using
    your browser in a private cloud.
    On all platforms.



    Project related time tracking

    Best customer satisfaction

    Since 2006 over 2000 customers in D/A/CH and the world trust the project related time tracking software "Xpert-Timer". On daily basis work hours will be captured and analyzed.

    Xpert-Timer especially sets a priority to safety that's why it offers a traditionel Client-Server solution for the installation in your company. Like this, your data will stay save in your own company's database. The access via browser is possible in a private Cloud. In a private Cloud means, that all of the Data will be continuously saved in your company and the access takes place in a local webserver. Via the web browser, you can access the data of your Xpert timer from anywhere, where you have internet connection.

    Mainly the software is used in companies that work project-oriented, such as Engineering offices, service providers or consultants. But also many freelancers aswell as big companies have used our product successfully for years.

    You can find reviews in our Blog or our Customer reviews.

    In the current version of the software you'll find:

    • Business specific terms: The terms "customer", "project", "task" can be replaced in the program. Especially tax & bookkeeping services and lawyers profit from this configuration possibility, since they work with, for example with "Clients", instead of "customers". 
    • New, free choosable Background colors of the dialogs for a better contrast. 
    • A personal form of address for every single contact inn the client manager. 
    • Employee pictures can be lodged in the User Administration
    • Due to an interruption you forgot to record a timestamp. With record retrospectively, from that moment you can retrospectively create an entry in the time stamp list.
    • Not yet calculated times can be filtered by the date in Billing, so that you always have an overview over your open times.  
    • Gapless recording of the time stamps. If the Time of a timestamp is being changed, the following time stamp can be adjusted.